Leaders Eat on Camera: Advice from 10 Years of Leading Remote Teams

This post is by Greg Storey from Openview Labs

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Providing leadership can be challenging because it involves people who have their responsibilities and goals in addition to whatever is happening personally. Add in whatever stress might be taking place at home, with family and friends. Being a human is hard enough, so it makes sense that leading them is at least as difficult. Now put blockers in the middle like restrict when and how you communicate with the people you lead. Or try running a design critique with all of the attendees sitting in front of webcams (and Facebook or email) and no one paying full attention. It doesn’t take a lot of change to disrupt a team’s workflow, energy and culture. Working remote has suddenly become the norm for major portions of our workforce. Most of us have experience working remotely for a day or two here and there. A vacation that we might have wanted to extend
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