UX Strategy: The CEO Guide to Crafting a Winning Customer Experience

This post is by Alex Gilev from Openview Labs

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Imagine this… Your startup/company is an island, surrounded with very treacherous shores and low-barrier riffs which could destroy the ships. When the ships are coming in, they rely on the lighthouse to guide them to take the actions they need to take in order to arrive safely on shore in the dark. Without a lighthouse, they could make decisions that are harmful not just to them, but to the island itself. Think of the lighthouse as the guide for the ships. This analogy is very similar to the digital product world. The lighthouse is your UX strategy. Rather than the captain continuously asking for guidance, he looks at what the lighthouse is telling him and he simply follows it. Occasionally, interesting opportunities (new technologies, features or new design trends) will emerge, enticing you to go for it. They all will be looking attractive and producing money on an ROI basis.
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