The 20 Hottest Sessions at 2020 SaaStr Annual (So Far)

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We launched registration for 2020 March 10-11-12 this week and while it is too early to tell which sessions will be the most packed (some aren’t even out / up yet), we can say with certainty that at least the hottest 20 sessions so far will be full to the brim. Still over 10,000 attendees haven’t picked sessions yet so this list will certainly change by March 10, but for fun, here are the 20 Hottest Sessions at 2020 Annual, at least right now:
Mar 10, 2:15pm – 2:45pm
Ok that was actually 30 to give you a sense.
We’ll see you shortly at 2020 Annual!
And … if you are speaking and aren’t on the Top 30, and want to be … reach out to us.  Work with us.  We’ve been doing this for quite a while.  We know what packs ’em in.  Work with us, not against us.  And your stage will be packed.
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