SaaStr Annual Braindates are Live!

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As we count down to SaaStr Annual 2020 (can you believe we’re only 60 days out!) We are happy to announce that braindates have launched!

Braindate is back! What is a braindate?

You came here to meet great people and learn about new things. But how do you spark those meaningful conversations? It all starts with a braindate. Braindates are about sharing knowledge. They are one-on-one or group conversations that you book with other participants while you’re at SaaStr Annual 2020.
  1. Log into Braindate to create your profile: 
  2. Explore the topic market–where all participants (including you!) post the knowledge they are willing to share.
  3. Pick something you want to learn or create your own topic.
  4. Book your braindates and meet in person at SaaStr Annual at the Braindate Lounge (presented by Microsoft for Startups in the Expo Hall)!

Here are the best ways
Braindate SaaStr Annual 2020
SaaStr Annual Braindates 2019
can take advantage of small group mentoring opportunities.

  • Superbraindates: 1 on 12 small group mentoring groups where SaaStr assigns the mentors and helps curate the topics so that the largest groups are some of the best of the best content from mentors you want to connect with.
  • 1 on 4 braindates: These are small group braindates where you can tackle topics in a smaller group format.
  • 1 on 1 braindates: This is perfect if you’re looking to connect directly with your next mentor or maybe even future colleague? Check out the sessions listed and find what strikes you the most then connect away!
There are two ways you can get involved with braindates – either join an already existing topic or host one yourself! All braindates outside of super braindates are open to all SaaStr Annual attendees. Braindate SaaStr Annual 2020

And a recap (just in case!)

1. We’ll have a huge Braindate Networking Lounge (x2 the size of last year) brought to you by Microsoft for Startups in the Sponsors We Love Expo Hall. Think couches, pillows and plenty of space to learn something new! 2. Braindates are designed to be one-on-one & group mentoring sessions based on knowledge you want to share with fellow SaaS minds at Annual. The goal is to help each other learn something new, find mentorships, create partnerships and exchange strategies.
  1. You should plan on booking your Braindates before you arrive at Annual. To get started, login to Braindate with the email you bought your ticket with. You’ll then notice the topic marketplace where you can post what you want to share or learn. We’ve already added a few superbraindates and meet a VC times to the platform that you can join!

  2. You can also create your own topics so that others can invite you for a mentorship session.

  3. You’ll meet up for your Braindate on-site at the Braindate Networking Lounge!

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