When should you use testimonials in the sales cycle?

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Testimonials are nice, but most prospects these days have already seen the generic ones on your website and in your collateral. What work in sales is very similar companies using, and loving, your product. This is why once you have 1 leader in a space, you should run the tables in that segment. For example, back in the day:
  • It took us over 18 months to close Google. 12+ CEO visits. Multiple unpaid pilots. Building features without getting paid. Etc., etc.
  • After that, it took about 6 months to close Facebook. Facebook was impressed we had Google, but it was just one comp.
  • After Google and Facebook, we closed Twitter in less than 30 days.
  • And so on …
Arm your sales team with the best testimonials and case studies carefully tailored for each customer segment. Make sure each rep knows which testimonials are from the best leaders in exact segment you have. And have them go out them and use them to win. View original question on quora The post When should you use testimonials in the sales cycle? appeared first on SaaStr.

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