Why has Microsoft Teams overtaken Slack with 13 million daily users?

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It’s an impressive statistic. But … it is difficult to know how seriously to take this without knowing true engagement, because Microsoft Teams is packed into so many editions of Office, etc. Just like Yammer was (and still is): Perhaps that means Teams will kill Slack. But perhaps it also means that the $600m+ ARR worth of folks are paying for Slack instead of something that comes essentially for free with Office. We’ll see. There is a long history of apps packed in with other critical services that just don’t have the same level of long-term engagement as the core apps. Suites are super convenient. But users and customers still seem to have a habit of seeking out best-of-breed apps instead, more often than not. A bit more here: 5 Interesting Learnings From Slack. As It IPOs (er, Direct Lists). | SaaStr Also, importantly, Slack for now clearly remains the
platform for internal communications. Clearly, at least today, Microsoft can’t compete here, at least not yet. Atlassian even gave up on Hipchat to cede to Slack. As long as Slack is the #1 platform for other companies to build on and monetize, they’ll get the lion’s share of integrations. Developers have to prioritize on the #1 platform first. They’ll continue to prioritize on integration into Slack. View original question on quora The post Why has Microsoft Teams overtaken Slack with 13 million daily users? appeared first on SaaStr.

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