The Second Edition of “Impossible to Inevitable” is (Almost) Out. It’s Really Good.

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Several years back, Aaron Ross combined some of the best SaaStr content with great new content and case studies into our book, Impossible to Inevitable.  So far it has sold over 70,000 copies. But some of it did need an update. Some of the case studies need some fresh names, and we needed to add a bit more of the science and technology from the past few years in sales and marketing to the content. Aaron’s team has updated it and it is great!!  It’s up for pre-order for release on June 5, but we just got our first copies today. Some of the great new sections include:
  • Case Study: How Twilio Nailed A Billion-Dollar Niche By Walking In Its Customers’ Shoes
  • Case Study: How Sagemount Triples The Value Of A Company In Three Years
  • Three Uncommon Approaches Of Hypergrowth CMOs
  • How Inbound Changed In 10 Years Between
    Marketo To $100m+ And Founding Engagio
  • Case Study: How Zuora Drives 60%-Plus Of Its Growth By Outbound, Even When Accounts Need Nurturing For Years
  • Build An Outbound Program Right The First Time
  • Have You Been Too Successful At Inbound?
  • If You’re A Startup: Four Phases Of Hiring Your First Sales Team
  • Three Ways To Cut Churn And Increase Sales Motivation While You Scale
If you haven’t read the 1st edition, it is really a great read.  Read it.  If you read the 1st edition, it may still be worth reading the 2nd.  It’s a pretty deep update. Grab your copy now here: The post The Second Edition of “Impossible to Inevitable” is (Almost) Out. It’s Really Good. appeared first on SaaStr.

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