How can I motivate my inside sales force?

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A few thoughts: First, make sure at least 1 or 2 reps are making a lot of money. This sets an example for everyone. Set up a comp plan so the top 10% of your reps make COIN. Second, celebrate the wins. Sales is hard. Maybe “ringing the bell” isn’t your thing, but however you do it, make closing customers, especially top logos & record deals — a big deal. Make your reps that close heroes. Third, make sure your sales leaders can recruit good reps under them. The best sales cultures come from the CEO yes, but also in very large part from the VP of Sales. If she/he can recruit a few good reps under her, that make good money, and feel good — the team will almost magically scale around that pod of success. More here: View original question on quora The post How can motivate my inside sales force? appeared first on SaaStr.

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