5 Years Ago Today Was Our First Event with Content!

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Not much changes in 1 year, but a lot really happens in 5.  Or something like that. On that note, it was 5 years ago today we had the first SaaStr meet-up with content.  A whole hour of it!  With my VP of Sales Brendon Cassidy (then VP Sales at Talkdesk and more) and VP of Marketing Loretta Jones (now CMO at Mixmax): But 700+ folks showed up, VCs from all the top firms, and great CEOs from Wrike, Buffer, Recurly, and many other leaders.  It was a lot of fun. Fast foward 5 years, and we’ll have 20,000+ attendees and 150+ sponsors attend our events in the U.S. and Europe.  And over 500 sessions including 50+ Unicorn CEOs.  And 5,000+ mentoring sessions. That’s a lot of change.  We have a lot more coming.  We’re just getting going on our vision fueling the world’s largest founder for B2B executives, and building the global center of Where The Cloud Meets. Thank you for being on this journey with us.  We work every day to bring great things to you.   The post 5 Years Ago Today Was Our First Event with Content! appeared first on SaaStr.

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