The Week In Cloud: April 28, 2019

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Wow, $260m valuation.

Wow. “The campus has a lake, its own tram system, and enough room to accommodate up to 25,000 employees.” 

Apple is now paying more than it did before the lawsuit, apparently.

“Also, small enterprises are not well served by US companies with their high cost structures. It doesn’t make sense for them to sell to a small customer in Prague. We can do that well.“ 

“Despite his low-key appearance Vembu owns 88 per cent of Zoho along with his family”

“Amazon China was a distant seventh place, with a paltry 0.7 percent share.”

“A 600m deal puts a spotlight on the shadowy world of cyberwarfare”

When it’s broken, it’s broken. The 10 key warning signs.

Woah, the cloud is on fire!

“We have questioned whether Microsoft will
see the profit margin of AWS at similar scale”

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