When is SalesForce going to buy Oracle?

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I think it is unlikely. Salesforce had several discussions over the years re: selling itself to Oracle — when Salesforce was much smaller. But times have changed, the Cloud has exploded, and now it’s too late for either to acquire the other. both to merge.
  • Salesforce is now worth $123b and growing 25%+ a year. Oracle can’t afford Salesforce anymore.
  • Oracle is now worth $189b and growing 0% a year overall (although its Cloud business is showing respectable growth).
It’s a mismatch now. Salesforce is now too big for Oracle to buy it, and Oracle is growing too slowly for Salesforce to want to buy it and drag down its growth. View original question on quora The post When is SalesForce going to buy Oracle? appeared first on SaaStr.

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