The Official SaaStr Podcast #6: Doug Pepper, General Partner @ Shasta Ventures

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 2.15.08 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-26 at 2.09.15 PM Harry did a great discussion with Doug Pepper, who’s been doing SaaS investing as long as any of us.  Early in Marketo, Optimizely, and more. Click here or above to listen on iTunes here to listen right on the web or here on our favorite ProductHunt. Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 2.11.26 PM — Jason ed.  
Harry Stebbings — Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
I am thrilled to welcome, @dougpepper, Partner @Shasta to the show today. Doug is a master when it comes to SaaS investments with his companies generating over $500m in revenue in 2015, having funded the likes of @marketo, @Optimizely and @Flurry. In today’s show with Doug we discuss: Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 2.12.11 PM How Doug made his approach into investing? What metrics are required for startups to get Series A investors interested? What are the guidelines for a startup to manage their burn rate? In future tough markets, we will see greater Continue reading "The Official SaaStr Podcast #6: Doug Pepper, General Partner @ Shasta Ventures"

Five Ways to Nail your Pitch and Win Over Investors

There are many opinions on creating a pitch deck and presenting to potential investors, but there is still a big gap between what entrepreneurs perceive to be important and what investors really value during a pitch presentation. This post is the first in a series, where we will provide real examples–the good, the OK, and...

The SaaStr Podcast #4: Shardul Shah, Partner @ Index Ventures

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.15.53 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.15.53 AM  

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I am thrilled to welcome, @shardul_shah , Partner @IndexVentures to the show today. Shardul is the sole member of the Index team to have worked in all Index’s offices around the world in Geneva, London and SF. Now in SF, Shardul focuses on security, software and infrastructure with investments in the likes of @Squarespace, @DropBox and @Adaloom, just to name a few. Discussed In Today’s Show:
  • How Shardul made his unorthodox approach into investing?
  • What Shardul really looks for in early stage SaaS products when investing?
  • Why is reducing time distance to value so important for a SaaS product?
  • How can startups effectively sell to CSO’s in this new wave of cyber security?
  • What are the risks and flaws of the open source community?
  • How can enterprise SaaS products create
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Hacking Demo Days like an SDR

sdrSo it took me a little while to grok and figure out Demo Days.  They are overwhelming.  Too many start-ups presenting, too quickly.  Too many charts and graphs with unlabelled X and Y axises.  Not enough detail, not enough time, too canned, too polished, not polished enough. But with 20 institutional and angel investments under my belt, I’ve learned.  Accelerators are super valuable to investors.  About 50% of my investments have gone through YC or 500 Startups, and others have been through Angelpad, Techstars, etc.  If nothing else, they teach founders how to package up an investment opportunity well, or at least, far better than most would know how to otherwise.  And if I’m buying a product (in this case, stock) … having it packaged up well for consumption does help. sdrAnd a well done Demo Day makes the inbound side (investors reaching out to founders) more efficient and effective.
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Storm Ventures Launches $10M Fund For Indian SaaS Startups

shutterstock india Earlier this week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced a set of initiatives, called Startup India, designed to help the country’s fledgling tech companies and their investors. One of the first Silicon Valley venture capital firms to take advantage of Startup India is Storm Ventures, which just launched a new fund for SaaS startups in India. Read More

The SaaS Success Database

unicorn-money What does it take to build a billion-dollar SaaS enterprise-software company? We gave a 30,000-foot answer to this complex — and fascinating — question in a recent TechCrunch post, The SaaS Adventure. To recap: We’ve observed seven key phases in most SaaS companies’ go-to-market success. We dubbed this journey the “SaaS Adventure,” which is broadly how we… Read More

The Math Behind SaaS Startup Customer Lifetime Value

mathematics One of the most critical metrics for software companies — but also one of the most difficult to measure — is the lifetime value of their customers (LTV). The lifetime value dictates how a company should spend its marketing and sales dollars. Unfortunately, many early stage startups struggle to measure LTV, because they haven’t been around very long and, consequently… Read More