How Even Small Teams Can Build Powerful Content Marketing Engines

An Inside Look at OpenView’s Content Strategy

At OpenView, we produce and publish a great deal of content, something you’ve probably realized if you’re a regular Labs reader. But, what many people don’t know is that we’re only able to produce as much as we do (five posts every single week) thanks to a strong, dedicated and expert pool of regular content contributors. This approach to content marketing can work really well for new and even later-stage startups, especially those that might be bootstrapping things in the marketing department. In addition to ensuring that you’re able to consistently deliver intrinsically valuable content, this strategy also helps you attract prospects to the top of your sales funnel and has the added benefit of strengthening your professional relationships within the community you serve. Getting started with your own content network might seem daunting, but it really breaks down into two sides of
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Three Metrics to Measure Sales and Marketing Alignment & Improve Organizational Transparency

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Forbes here. Getting sales and marketing to effectively team is the lament of just about every CEO. Achieving alignment goes beyond just getting these two groups to get along; growth depends on them working productively together. If sales and marketing are at odds it impacts the whole business, most notably revenue, customer satisfaction and company productivity. Add to that the reality that discord between these two groups damages the company’s culture, it’s easy to see why alignment is on the top of every CEO’s agenda. But why is alignment such a persistent challenge? Part of the reason lies with the CEO. While they are experts in measuring the effectiveness of sales, these same leaders are at a disadvantage with it comes to evaluating alignment. Most are unclear as to what the right questions are to ask in order to understand how well
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Three Strategies to Millennial-Proof Your Marketing in 2018

It’s hard to spend more than 5 minutes on the internet today without stumbling across some Millennial-related content. From killing paper napkins to brunch, we often find ourselves paying lip service to this generation’s preferences. And there’s good reason: from being raised in a digital age to shifting economic pressures, Millennial buying habits are undeniably different from other generations. role of millennials But those differences don’t end in B2C territory. According to research we did with Heinz Marketing that surveyed over 500 professionals with buying authority, over 40% of Millennials now influence or make B2B buying decisions. But they run the show differently. Millennials have distinct buying preferences that have dramatically changed the B2B buyer journey. And their growing numbers and influence mean B2B marketers can’t just assume Millennials are just a B2C concern – we can’t afford to ignore this cohort of buyers any longer. Lean into what makes Millennial buyers
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How to Do Your Own PR (With a $0 Budget)

Good PR goes hand-in-hand with great marketing, and both are critical to taking your business to the next level. At Single Grain, my digital marketing agency, we focus a lot on paid advertising and content marketing – it’s what we know best. But strong PR has also been crucial to our success and that of our clients’ for years. Good PR helps attract new audiences to your business by leveraging other networks. It helps you build a positive, reputable brand image in the community and the industry. This benefit can even extend so far as to help you attract and retain top talent to work for you. The best part is that, contrary to popular belief, quality PR can be incredibly cheap or even free! You just need to approach your business with the right mindset.

The Value-Add Mindset

Honestly, this mindset is half the battle. Put yourself in
How to do your own PR
How to do your own PR
How to do your own PR
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Tech’s 2017 Slide of the Year: Suddenly it’s in everyone’s decks – including mine.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Medium here. Last summer, I was invited to give a keynote presentation to leaders at a Fortune 50 technology company. My presentation was titled “How Your Strategic Story Powers Success.” Preparing for the talk, I searched for an image to express “why now?” Meaning, what has changed that makes getting the strategic story right so critical for success today? The slide I chose captured what I hear from CEOs when they reach out to me for help. The pace of innovation has accelerated, they say, to where competitors can copy your better/faster/cheaper features virtually instantly. If a typical category had 4 or 5 competitors a few years ago, now it has 10, 20 or more. Differentiating on a clear strategic story is more critical now because whether you’re selling marketing technology or any technology, your customers see this: The slide, Chiefmartec.
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