Visual Stories that Sell (Video + Transcript)

Well-known storytellers, Jason Katz – Chief Storyteller @ Pixar, and Peter Arvai – Co-Founder & CEO @ Prezi, held a powerful session on all things storytelling at SaaStr Annual 2018. Are you struggling with telling your founder story or pitching to VCs? These two provide valuable insights into actionable ways to improve your storytelling skills. Also, don’t miss out on discounted prices for SaaStr Annual 2019 tickets. Transcript   Peter Arvai: Hello everyone. Great to see you all and thanks for joining this session on visual stories that. My name is Peter Arvai. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Prezi. Our users have created the world’s largest database of publicly available presentations. We’re the only company that’s competing with PowerPoint and Google and Apple version of slides and we do something completely different where you can put all your images on one canvas and show the relationships between the ideas Continue reading "Visual Stories that Sell (Video + Transcript)"

How to Combine Paid Ads and Content Marketing to Drive Sales

Should my business focus on paid advertising or content marketing? This is a very common question from today’s marketers and there is a lot of advice out there arguing for one side or the other (comparing ROI, brand goals, etc.). But not enough people talk about how they can be used together. If you have the resources, the optimal marketing strategy is to use both channels in conjunction in order to amplify your overall ROI. Today, I’m going to show you several ways that you can combine these tools to bring in big results for your company.

Build a Social Promotion Ladder

Most content marketers know that a disproportionate amount of their results come from a small number of articles. It wouldn’t be practical or effective to run paid ads on every piece of content, but running ads on your best pieces can really amplify their reach. But how
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20 Ways World Class B2B SaaS Companies Grow

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on the New Breed blog here Every SaaS business experiences some challenges as they try to grow. The landscape is constantly evolving, making it difficult to predict the best ways to move the company forward. To help you navigate through this complexity, we identified the top 20 activities best-in-class SaaS companies are doing today to grow their businesses.

1. Cultivate Positive Company Culture

This has less to do with hosting a dynamite office party and everything to do with the perspective and values you cultivate within your workforce. Mutual respect goes a long way toward forging strong and productive alliances. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the need for esteem and belonging are key motivational determinants of our behavior. Lack of recognition is cited as the number-one reason most Americans leave their jobs (ranking above money, conflicting opportunities or a need for increased
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WebSummit Presentations

I presented on two topics at WebSummit 2018 in Lisbon on November 6th. The slides and videos of those two presentations can be found below. The videos are provided courtesy of WebSummit: 9 Secrets for Startup Success, A roadmap for B2B Founders Lean Startup taught the world how to find product/market fit, but in the...

The 4 Skills Every Marketer Will Need by 2021 (and How to Get There)

This post first appeared on the Drift blog here. Fast forward three years. It’s 2021 and B2B marketing has radically changed. Blogging is dead, and the traditional content marketing playbook doesn’t work. SEO is a black box and Google has the only key (which they swallowed). There are a MILLION distractions for B2B buyers. Advertising is everywhere buyers look – both digitally and physically. They have so many options to choose from, endless information at their fingertips and they can get it wherever and whenever. Growing companies NEED growth. Engineering, HR, finance, even sales — all take a back seat at companies that are desperate to accelerate traction in their market. Enter you: the highly skilled marketing leader. But how did you get here? What skills have you sharpened? What successes have you had in the past three years? I’ve had the rare opportunity to work with, talk to, and
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SaaStr Podcast #198: Maria Pergolino, CMO @ Anaplan On How To Create True Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

Welcome to Episode 198! Maria Pergolino is the CMO @ Anaplan, the company that allows you to accelerate decision-making with effective planning. To date, Anaplan have raised over $299m in funding from the likes of Meritech, Salesforce Ventures, Shasta, DFJ Growth and more incredible names. As for Maria, prior to Anaplan, Maria was Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales Development at Apttus, where she directed go-to-market strategy, sales development, customer advocacy, demand generation, strategic events and communications initiatives. She also has held leadership positions at Marketo, Shunra Software (acquired by Hewlett-Packard), and Chubb Ltd. It’s also important to note, Maria is renowned for building world-class teams that drive growth, product differentiation, and category development. In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

Driving SaaS Growth with Content: 3 Tips to Make It Work

In 1996, Bill Gates published an essay titled “Content is King,” which predicted the internet would become “a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products—a marketplace of content.” Almost twenty years later, Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur who used content marketing to grow his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million, wrote a piece titled “Every Company Is a Media Company.” Today, the power of content marketing is irrefutable, and there seems to be no end in sight. Eric Siu, CEO of SingleGrain, has been on the front lines of this marketing evolution and has seen a trend of companies putting a heavy focus on content and SEO. His performance agency’s work with fast-growing tech companies, including Uber and Amazon, is a testament to the viability and ROI of these marketing tactics over the long haul. “People don’t want to continue to rely
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SaaStr Podcast #197: Cristina Cordova, Biz Dev & Partnerships / Stripe Discusses When Is The Right Time, What is The Right Partnership

Welcome to Episode 197! Cristina Cordova leads the Payments Partnerships and Platform Partnerships teams at Stripe, the new standard in online payments that handles billions of dollars of business every year for forward thinking businesses around the world. To date, Stripe has raised over $680m in funding from some of the very best in the business including Sequoia, Founders Fund, General Catalyst, Thrive, CapitalG, Kleiner Perkins and Tiger Global. As for Cristina, at Stripe she manages partnerships with some of the biggest global players including Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay and more and has also held roles such as Head of Diversity and Inclusion and Manager of Partner Engineering. Prior to Stripe, Cristina was Head of Business Development @ Pulse (acq by LinkedIn) and was in the marketing team at Tapulous (acq by Disney). In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

How to Get Customers to Lend Their Ears Without Using Their Personal Data

In more evidence of the importance of personalization in marketing strategies, Caesars Entertainment recently announced it would use technology and IBM services to get to know its customers, and deeply tailor individual guest experiences. Leveraging data that reflects guests’ favorite music or cuisines, Caesars is working to send them relevant offers and suggestions for dining and entertainment in real-time through a mobile app. What’s more, it’s working to build complete customer profiles that will lend better visibility internally, according to a press release. Now, read on to the how – a five-year project roadmap that leverages, in part, customer data Caesars already has. This is the point in the personalization journey where many marketing professionals, especially those working for, say, an ISV, pause and sigh. Because there are hurdles to personalization strategies that extend beyond the cost of the investment to a simple truth: by and large, they
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