10 Secrets to Putting on a Great Event

So we’ve been putting on events for a while at SaaStr.  It started off by accident — we did a meet-up in 2013 as an experiment, with no content.  And almost 400 folks came!  Then we did a second meet-up in 2014 with a little content, and it went well.  Then 2015 was the first SaaStr Annual, with ~1000 folks on site (more on that here).  Fast foward to today, and we’re planning the 5th SaaStr Annual with over 12,000 attendees.  It will be the largest non-vendor event in the world for business software, by far. But it was an accident, and personally, back in 2013 and 2014, and even 2015, I knew nothing about events, other than as an attendee.  I knew what I liked about Dreamforce, Boxworks, etc. — and what I didn’t.  So the first plan was
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The time to take SEO beyond Google is now

Data from SimilarWeb shows how much SEO traffic some of the biggest names in Tech get relative to their total traffic: it’s more than 30% on average*! WeWork even bought its own SEO tool company, Conductor, and Amazon owns Alexa Internet (not the voice assistant). *The data comes with two limitations: first, SimilarWeb’s data is good but not perfectly accurate. Second, many of the brands I looked at have a high consumer focus. SEO is the most attractive user acquisition channel right after viral growth. It’s scalable, (technically) free, and brings qualified traffic. And yet, the time to take SEO beyond Google is now! Let me explain.

SEO traffic is more important than ever

Google Mobile Search Traffic
Google News Traffic
Impression Growth
Google Featured Snippet
Average CTR of Featured Snippet
History of Google Ad Shading and Labeling
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Corporate Blogs Always Work. But Only If You Do Them Right.

How do you leverage a corporate blog to actually generate leads?  There are 100,000,000+ blogs.  And “worse” — there are 100,000,000+ new blog posts posted each month!  The last thing the world needs is another one about a boring vendor, telling the world how insightful they are, written by their junior marketing manager.  And yet … done right, they are a critical part of your marketing and sales toolkit.  Even on Day 1.

First, bear in mind, generally ignore people who tell you to be a “thought leader” very early on. Everyone wants to be this, and thought leadership is part of the standard vernacular of PR firms and seasoned corporate marketers.  But on Day 1?  It’s not impossible to pull this off, but unless you were already a guru in your space and well known before you started a corporate

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A No-BS SaaS Marketing Framework with Andrus Purde, Founder of OutFunnel

At SaaStr Europa, we learned a 5 step marketing framework from Andrus Purde, Founder at OutFunnel. What category does your startup fit into? And are you utilizing the right marketing mix? Since you all loved our first SaaStr Europa, we’re bringing it back in 2019. You can get tickets at a super early bird discount rate right now. Transcript Andrus Purde, Founder of Outfunnel: Good morning. I’m slightly confused first because my title is Useful, No BS Framework. This room, I’m not sure whether I can use the word bullshit or should I stick to BS? I think I’ll stick to BS for the time being. I’m here to talk to you about and help you think about marketing. Let’s start with some definitions. The title of this talk, Useful means that I’ve used this framework to drive millions of dollars of AAR in various companies. No BS means that Continue reading "A No-BS SaaS Marketing Framework with Andrus Purde, Founder of OutFunnel"

Insider’s Guide to How Zoom Does Marketing with Janine Pelosi (Video + Transcript)

The SaaStr Co-Selling Space was a-buzz last month when Zoom’s Head of Marketing (and the company’s very first marketing hire to boot) Janine Pelosi sat down with SaaStr COO Mallun Yen to share her thoughts about topics such as brand awareness, lead gen, freemium models, and so, so much more. Check out the full video and transcript from the event below, and don’t miss out on our next Insider’s Guide session, taking place at the SOMA-based CSS next Wednesday, September 5th! Snag tix and come hear Slack’s very first Head of Product (and employee #50!) Merci Grace share her experience and offer advice on how to build a great product. Transcript: Mallun Yen: Again, welcome. I’m Mallun Yen, and I’m one of the co-founders of SaaStr, and I’m thrilled that you guys are here today, and I’m super excited to be talking to Janine today. We’re going to have Continue reading "Insider’s Guide to How Zoom Does Marketing with Janine Pelosi (Video + Transcript)"

How to Integrate Sales & Marketing to Close More Deals

Marketing has funnels, sales has funnels, but customers? Customers don’t have funnels. Customers have journeys. While that journey might follow some sequential steps you have planned, it probably won’t fit neatly into those steps every time. Especially on large deals, closing a sale can take a long time, with lots of back and forth that could go on for months. In that time, the prospect will probably check their email hundreds of times, spend many hours scrolling through social media, attend trade shows – all of which present opportunities for you to continue marketing to them. For example, let’s say you have some ideal prospects attending next month’s industry conference. How do you think they would feel if your marketing team recognized them and said hello? Here’s how to integrate sales and marketing to not just close more deals, but to land more ideal customers.

Why Integration Is So Important

Top rated digital marketing techniques
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Webinars Almost Always Work

One thing if you are a first-time founder in SaaS that may seem as boring as you can imagine is webinars. You never go to them.  And they seem like something you do, well, later.  When you are bigger. But I’d challenge that thinking with one simple rule:  if even 2 qualified prospects and/or 2 existing customers come to a webinar, that’s great.  Because think of webinars as scaleable ways to interact, as a human being, with groups.  Email is fine and all, eBooks have their place, but there is no human interaction there.  No Q&A.  And no chance to get to know the humans behind an application.  1-on-1 chats are also great, but not only can you only do so many, and sometimes prospects don’t want a 1-on-1.  Sometimes they want a more passive experience, where they can consume a demo Continue reading "Webinars Almost Always Work"

Everything Breaks When You Go Into Hypergrowth Mode, with UiPath (Europa Video + Transcript)

At our inaugural Saastr Europa in Paris this past June, Accel Partner Luciana Lixandru and UiPath CMO Bobby Patrick discussed what breaks when your business goes into hypergrowth mode (hint: pretty much everything). Check out the full video and transcript below! And don’t miss out when we do it all again — even bigger and better — next June! We’ll have two full days of thought leadership content, networking opportunities, fantastic French food, and fabulous evening events, all in the heart of Paris — snag your Europa 2019 tickets and catch up with us on the other side of the Atlantic next year! Transcript: Luciana Lixandru: My name is Luciana Lixandru. I am a partner at Accel, the Global Venture Capital Fund, and I’m very happy to be here with one of these mythical creatures that people were talking about earlier. I’m here with Bobby Patrick, the Chief Marketing Officer of UiPath. Continue reading "Everything Breaks When You Go Into Hypergrowth Mode, with UiPath (Europa Video + Transcript)"

How to Invest in Customer Marketing: The 10+10 Framework

I want to spend a lot of time in the coming year on SaaStr on Customer Marketing.  While the concept may sound old hat to those that have been in the software business for a long time, in SaaS in particular, very little tools, processes, and software are applied to marketing to customers after they are closed. Over the last 5 years, we’ve all started to turn Customer Success into a science and a key discipline in SaaS.  But Customer Success in many ways has been defined as an extension of Sales.  Sales closes, and hands off to CS.  While that’s chronologically accurate in most cases, really CS’s cousin should be Customer Marketing.  If you do it right, you can keep your customers for 10+ years.  Or even longer.  And like retention, a marketing journey should also begin again once a customer closes. Customer Continue reading "How to Invest in Customer Marketing: The 10+10 Framework"

The Secret Behind Drift’s Viral Marketing Success

Editor’s Note: The following is a transcript of Casey and Dave’s conversation. It has been edited and condensed for clarity. Casey: Hey, guys. I’m here with Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift. Dave: Number one: you lost your phone. Number two: I’m carrying your backpack. Casey: So, that would actually make me the queen. Dave: At least they put the King’s crown on me. Casey: The king’s crown. So, yes. So, because I like to think I know people pretty well, I’m assuming everyone’s wondering why I’m wearing a crown, and why I’m making Dave wear the crown. Dave: Okay. Casey: And so, if you don’t know Dave, you probably are not on any form of social media whatsoever. He’s basically become, or, you are the king of video marketing. Dave: See? Normally I would be humbled and be like, “Oh, no.” But, you know what? I got
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