How Companies Like Zendesk, Datadog and Slack Incorporate Diversity into Their Hiring

At OpenView, we strongly believe that diversity starts from the top. When a leader genuinely cares about diversifying their organization, they create an open space for progress and innovation. We spoke to 15 top software leaders to learn how they foster diversity within their own companies. Through these conversations, it became clear that while there’s no silver bullet to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, there are many passionate leaders moving the needle in the right direction. Read on to learn how some of the best known tech companies create diverse workplaces.

Rob Tomchick

Rob Tomchick
Head of Sales, Lever

“It starts with making everyone feel included. You can make grand plans to hire people from diverse backgrounds, but if they don’t see and hear about an inclusive environment at the company, they won’t join. And if they don’t find an inclusive environment when they join, they’ll leave. Start by taking an

Stephanie Berner
YWassenaar - Mar16
Chris Comparato
Kyle Porter
Max Yoder
Mike Bergelson
David Cancel
MT Ray
Astha Malik
Grant McGrail
Josh Feast
Olivier Pomel
Jeff Diana
Glen Evans
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How to Build a Brand That Attracts A-Players

We all want our business to be best in class. And we don’t just want employees who help the brand thrive, we want to work with people who are passionate about what they do. In many ways, the Internet has made finding the best candidates easier than ever. There are tools that allow you to organize and sift through thousands of applicants and track their progress through your pipeline. They allow you to do preliminary screenings of people from all around the world before bringing top talent in for a personal interview. But all that reach and flexibility also has a cost. As Cal Newport explained in his book Deep Work, the Internet has also turned the world into an employee’s market – for the best of them, at least. If you’re top of your field, it’s easier than ever to interview with multiple companies around the world. And
employee benefits
Glassdoor reviews
Company Values
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How to Coach Managers to Hire for Diversity

There are many obstacles undermining the goal of hiring a more diverse workforce. Often, we look to the “top of the funnel” for solutions – writing more inclusive job descriptions, advertising openings on a large array of sites, and incentivizing diverse sourcing and outreach. While these solutions are effective at increasing the diversity of a candidate pool, they are less effective at actually creating a diverse workplace. Ultimately, only the hiring managers can do that. Excluding hiring managers in diversity initiatives can often leave a recruiting team spinning its wheels. Take, for example, Facebook’s internal tech recruiting initiative in 2015. Every successful hire at Facebook equates to one point for the recruiter responsible for the candidate. The points are tied to individual performance reviews and bonuses. As a way to incentive diverse hiring, Facebook implemented a system where each successful diverse tech hire (women, and people of non-Caucasian/non-Asian descent) was equal
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Blind Hiring: How to Implement Inclusive Hiring Strategies

Hiring is top priority for most businesses – and that’s definitely true for OpenView’s portfolio companies. But, have you ever thought about what your job descriptions say about your company or your culture? Or how the way you write job descriptions might discourage qualified candidates from even applying? Well, according to an internal report from HP, men apply for a job when they meet 60% of the qualifications listed, while women will typically only apply if they meet 100% of the requirements laid out in a job description. HP attributes this phenomenon to the fact that women tend to be ‘rule followers’ – in other words, women will only apply to jobs for which they are certain they have the requisite experience. But as a Talent Manager, I’ve seen plenty of beyond-qualified women who are in fact perfect for jobs despite not having all of the “required” skills or
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How Patience Powers Long-Term Growth: Optimizing the In Between

More and now. These are two words heavily embedded in the mind of anyone in business. For new companies, it’s “how fast can we get more customers?” and “how fast can we grow now?”. Countless articles and publications praise companies that have been able to grow quickly. Their ability to accomplish more, now, is revered. Rightly so. The problem is that when we focus solely on growth, we tend to overestimate the stability of our infrastructure and underestimate the adaptations needed to support new business. We assume our current team and systems are sufficient (and efficient) because they’ve supported previous demand. We neglect to properly plan ahead. One consistently overlooked area is the state and scalability of our human capital – our employees. When companies grow, added pressure is put on the existing team. Not only must they maintain the same level of performance on their
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How to Land the Best Talent for Your Startup

How many candidates do you talk to in a week? How many do you reach out to to secure those conversations? In our line of work, there’s a fine balance between quality and quantity. It’s easy to just go through the motions of hiring without putting much thought into who we’re talking to or the goal of conversations we’re having. I’ve seen countless recruiters who speak with a candidate once, send an email or two to schedule interviews, fail to build a relationship, and are blindsided when a candidate withdraws or declines an offer. News flash: You should be the main point of contact for candidates during the hiring process. As the candidates move through the interview stages, it’s up to you to keep them engaged and sell them on the amazing opportunity in front of them. While there is no magic recipe to making a hire, you should always
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