Why Diversity in the Workplace is More Important than Ever

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever for companies to find ways to gain a competitive edge. The fight for a competitive advantage begins with your hiring practices. However, when evaluating the quality of their staff, employers often fail to consider one important factor: diversity. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, diversity in the workplace is more important today than it has ever been. As our country becomes more open and diverse, so too does your company’s need to find ways to appeal to those groups if it is to survive.

Encourage a Learning Culture

There are so many things that people from different generations, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life can learn from one another. Older employees have decades of wisdom and lived experience. Younger generations have a fresh perspective and a firm grasp on cutting edge technology. An employee raised in poverty
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The Art of Management Team Rituals

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Medium here. As your company grows from 10 to 200 people, new challenges begin to pop-up every day— like structuring your management team, sharing information internally, aligning your board/managers/employees while also keeping the team focused on the right goals. Do you recognize any of these?
  • Lack of alignment between C-Levels
  • Unclear key milestones for the next 2 quarters
  • No clear understanding of your budget constraints
  • Requests from your board for things you are unable to provide
  • Difficulties convincing your managers and employees
If so, then, you need to read the following article and build your own management rituals with your team. To be honest, I have experimented with a lot of methodologies over the past 20 years— first, as a CEO/COO of different software companies, and then as an operating partner at Serena (OKRs, holocracy, fully asynchronous communication, holding one-on-one meetings). One of
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Looking to hire sales & engineering talent? Open your next office here.

Selecting a second headquarters is a complicated decision – just ask Amazon, which is in the midst of a massive and widely publicized search for a second HQ now. According to The New York Times, economic growth and quality of life make Denver the clear winner. While Bloomberg used ATTOM Data Solutions to pinpoint Raleigh, NC. With so many opinions and data sources, it’s crucial to know what factors actually matter most when you’re looking to expand the physical footprint of your business. For a startup looking to expand to the US, selecting a location that will attract the right talent is a must. And both time-to-fill for an opportunity and compensation required to be competitive are at the top of the list. In order to determine the size of a location’s talent pool, it’s necessary to first prioritize hires that need to be made. According to LinkedIn’s Recruiting Trends
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Unbiased Hiring: Tactical Tips to Help Your Build Stronger, More Diverse Teams

Editor’s Note: The following article is based on a recent episode of OpenView’s BUILD podcast. You can listen to the full episode featuring Kate Glazebrook, co-founder and CEO of Applied here. Building a team that embraces diversity and inclusion can be challenging for any company, and some might say particularly challenging for tech companies. It is difficult to eliminate the hidden biases that exist in the traditional hiring process, but I recently had the chance to talk with someone who is a pioneer working to solve this exact problem. Kate Glazebrook is the co-founder and CEO of Applied, a technology platform that uses behavioral and data science to remove bias from hiring decisions. In layman’s terms, it’s a hiring platform that helps you find the best person for the job, regardless of their background. Kate started her career as an economist in the Australian government. While the connection between
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Five Tactical Tips to Improve Diversity for Pitch Event Organizers

Editor’s Note: The following is an abridged version of an article written by Rei Wang, Director of Dorm Room Fund at First Round Capital, after her experience as a judge for the entertainment and content category at the 10th annual SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event. From that experience, where not a single entrant was a female nor underrepresented minority, Rei noted that much of the writing around diversity and inclusion is about why it’s important. Yet, there are few resources for event organizers on how to actually improve diversity at their events. The following is Rei’s advice to them. Each tip below is accompanied by an interaction with Chris Valentine, Event Producer of SXSW Accelerator, to serve as inspiration for other event organizers. You can read Rei’s full article about her experience at SXSW here.
Here are five tips inspired by conversations on Twitter, research on the internet, and my
Dorm Room Fund voluntary diversity questions
List of black women in VC
Christie Pitts
Paradigm diversity consulting
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How to be a Manager

When I graduated college, I felt the insatiable pull to join a startup. I became Chief Operating Officer at a bootstrapped tech startup in Boston and stepped into the role with the overconfidence that only a naive recent-grad could have. Not surprisingly, everything I tried to do to build our business was much harder than I could have possibly imagined. I found myself bombarded with internal questions such as:
  • How do we build a qualified sales pipeline?
  • What do we do when a customer is upset?
  • How do we make sure to pay the right amount of taxes?
While these questions kept me up at night, perhaps the most difficult question that I faced was: how do we build a great team and manage people effectively? I’m not unique: most founders or newly promoted managers have no formal management training and instead are learning by trial and error. Needless to
How to be a Manager CTA
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Learning and Development for First-Time Managers

Studies show that strong managers lead to highly-engaged employees, and engaged employees are tied to greater productivity, innovation, and better business results. It should be a no-brainer then that we properly prepare our next generation of leaders. However, just the opposite is happening. In fact, 47% of new managers received no training at all after being promoted into a leadership role, and 87% of managers wish they had received more. It’s clear that an investment in learning and development for this group is key. How can we better equip our first-time managers, provide them with L&D opportunities, and shape them into great leaders? Here are a few ways to get started.

Define their role and set expectations

It may seem like an obvious first step (and one that doesn’t really seem like L&D at all), but a transparent conversation defining their new role, setting clear expectations, and aligning on goals
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How to Start Your Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Effort

Now, more than ever, employees are not only passionate about diversity, they are expecting that their employers have an action plan on how to recruit diverse talent. However, most companies have no idea where to get started. We talked to over 50 companies about diversity recruitment and here are the most common ways teams have started.

1. Identify which perspectives are missing from your team.

To add more diverse perspectives, you need to know what is missing. The most common perspective that companies are looking to attract in 2018 is more ethnic and gender diverse candidates. Once you have identified what is missing, the goal is to augment your candidate pool with additional talent pipelines. By adding more talent pools, it will increase your chances of hiring more diverse talent. For example, if your team is looking to attract more women, did you know that there are over 35 women’s
Guide to Hiring
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Diversity: How to Create Open and Inclusive Workplaces [Podcast]

Building diverse and inclusive teams is a goal we should all strive towards. But how do you actually create an environment that fosters diversity? Ginny Fahs, co-founder of #MovingForward, explains how VCs can create a plan to foster diverse, inclusive and harassment-free workplaces. Applied’s co-founder & CEO Kate Glazebrook also joins us to discuss actions startups can take to remove hidden biases in the hiring process. Prefer to listen on iTunes? Access the episode here.
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How the 2018 Equal Pay Act Stands to Impact Talent Sourcing & Hiring

Last quarter, OpenView hosted a community call with talent leaders across our portfolio to discuss the 2018 Equal Pay Act, which is rolling out in stages across various cities and states in the US throughout the year. Stephanie Walzak, a compensation specialist, led the discussion on how the Equal Pay Act stands to impact talent sourcing and hiring in months and years to come.  Below are our key takeaways from the discussion.

Equal Pay Act Overview

The Equal Pay Act, enacted by various states and cities throughout the US, intends to address the gender pay gap by ensuring that prior low pay does not continue compound as people seek new employment opportunities. For instance, under various equal pay laws, employers are prohibited from asking a job candidate their salary history. If salary history is publicly available, employers are prohibited from using this information to determine a compensation package. However,
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