Build A Culture That Scales: Lessons from Glassdoor’s Highest Rated SaaS Company

This fireside chat with, Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO @ Algolia and Edith Harbaugh, Co-Founder & CEO @ Launch Darkly, discusses building a culture that scales. In the early days, Nicolas mentions how Algolia’s culture continued to break as he scaled. As of today, with 250 employees across 5 offices, his culture is now scalable which led Algolia to become the highest rated SaaS company on Glassdoor. Take a listen to see what could help you scale the culture in your SaaS startup. Also, if you didn’t attend SaaStr Europa, we’re having it again in 2019. Check out ticket prices and keep your eyes on diversity and inclusion ticket updates. Seriously, who doesn’t want a good FREE reason to fly over to Paris? Transcript Nicolas Dessaigne | CEO @ Algolia Edith Harbaugh | Co-Founder & CEO @ Launch Darkly Edith: I am very much thrilled to be in such a beautiful venue, Continue reading "Build A Culture That Scales: Lessons from Glassdoor’s Highest Rated SaaS Company"

Get Funded in 2019: Introducing VC Matchmaking at SaaStr Annual 2019

saastr vc dealflow access program Over the past 5+ years, the SaaS community has blown us away with your energy and passion, and have been the driving force in helping us expand from our humble roots of a few hundred Founders at the first SaaStr Annual in 2015 to 12,500 at the San Jose Convention Center next February. We’ve learned a lot of the years and have always listened closely to Founder feedback after each of our shows. One feature that we’ve fielded hundreds of requests from both startup Founders and VCs is for more targeted, efficient ways to meet with high-quality startups and top-tier investors for funding consideration. You’ve been asking, and now we’re excited to reveal that at SaaStr Annual 2019, we’ll be giving Founders and CEOs the chance to meet with top-tier VCs. Through the brand new SaaStr VC Dealflow Access Program (VDAP), post-revenue CEOs and Founders will get the chance to Continue reading "Get Funded in 2019: Introducing VC Matchmaking at SaaStr Annual 2019"

You Have to Train Reps 3-10. They Won’t Train Themselves.

There’s a slide I see again and again from start-ups:  2 of the early sales reps are at 100% of quota, sometimes 150%-200%.  And 8 others? 10%-40%. What’s happening here?  Are 2 of the first 10 reps really so much better as the rest?  Well yes, probably.  You’ll continue to see that over time to some extent.  The top reps will way outperform the average reps.  But not this much.  So why so often, do only 2 of the first 8-10 sales reps perform?  And the others perform so poorly vs. the 2 that are doing well? Almost always there is a strong correlation to No Training. The first 2 scaled reps you hire that hit plan (some may churn before then) get special training.  They get CEO training.  They get CTO training.  They sit next to the founders,
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How to Outmaneuver the Giants in a Mature Market (Video + Transcript)

At SaaStr Annual 2018 a few months ago, Sam Parr, Co-Founder and CEO of The Hustle, interviews Shan Sinha, Founder and CEO of Highfive. They talk about Shan’s history in SaaS including Google acquiring one of his previous startups, DocVerse, which created the foundation for Google Drive and his most recent endeavors as the Founder of HIghfive. Here are a few key takeaways:
  1. When trying to enter into the market -> “And the question that we had to struggle with and figure out is not only how are we going to build a product that’s going to be unique, but then how are we actually going to get it into the market in a way that people would actually pay attention and listen.”
  2. “And I think that people forget that far too often that distribution is equal, if not more important than how good your product is.”
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10+ Amazing New Speakers at SaaStr Annual, from WordPress to Adyen to Shopify to Stripe to Dropbox and More!

We’ve slotted about 50% of the speakers for the huge 2019 SaaStr Annual, and we’ll post the very first draft agenda soon! A quick look at just a handful of the amazing new speakers: Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic (founder of WordPress).  This will be an amazing session with Matt and Tony Conrad of True Ventures.  WordPress powers 30%+ of the internet, including, and pioneered thinking on distributed teams, open source, ecosystems, and much more. Roelant Prins, CCO of Adyen.  Adyen IPO’d earlier this year and rocketed to a $20b+ market cap and has disrupted payments.  How did it happen?  What can we learn?  Roelant will join with unicorn-hunter Ayden Senkut of Felicis Ventures. Dug Song and Jennifer Lawrence of Duo Security.  Cisco acquired Duo for $2.3 billion earlier this year.  Founder CEO Dug Song ill share the learnings and
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Starting A New Job – 7 Signs You Picked the Right Company

I started a new job last week. You know the feeling. On Day 1, I walked into a big room of people at SaaStr kicking off on a major project. Initiation by fire. It brought back memories of my first week at Salesforce, my first days of running my own startup, and other steps/potholes along my career journey. While each was different, this feels like home.
I’ve had 7 days to reflect why; here are 7 signs you picked the right company:
1. Clear understanding of your role, what’s expected and why. A wise manager once told me not to get hung up on titles. Great organizations provide lots of opportunities to grow if you perform. Instead, make sure you have a clear understanding of expectations and how your work ties in with the company vision. Employees often do better with clear, short term and long term goals backed by Continue reading "Starting A New Job – 7 Signs You Picked the Right Company"

SaaStr Pro Snippet: What’s the best advice on how to handle price increases?

SaaStr Pro Snippets come from discussions that members of SaaStr Pro have in our monthly ask-me-anything (AMA) webinars with SaaS experts. If you haven’t checked it out yet, SaaStr Pro is an automated training program that CEOs use to train their entire management team on the SaaStr Playbook. Learn more at and start training your management team today! This week’s snippet comes from a great question one of our members asked Jason Lemkin: What general advice do you have when implementing a price increase, especially after one increase has already been implemented? Boy, this one always stresses people out. Be careful. The faster you’re growing the less important it is to raise pricing on your installed base. Think about that cohort; if you’re doing a million, two million, in revenue, think about when you’re at a hundred million in revenue, is it worth breaking the relationship now? Is
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SaaStr Podcast 195: Dan Reich, Founder & CEO @ Shares Why Current Org Charts Are Upside Down

Welcome to Episode 195! Dan Reich is the Founder & CEO @, the startup that is the ultimate slackbot for sales teams. To date, Dan has raised over $17m in VC funding with Troops from many friends of the show including Felicis Ventures, Founder Collective, First Round, Nextview, Susa Ventures and even Slack. As for Dan, he is also the Co-Founder and President of TULA, a private equity backed health and beauty business that has developed the world’s first line of probiotic skincare products. Before that, Dan was a Co-Founder of Spinback (acquired by Buddy Media in May 2011, then acquired by Salesforce in June 2012). In Today’s Episode We Discuss: