2 Rules to Rock Your Salesforce Dashboard and Level Up Your SDR Team


Salesforce dashboards and reports are powerful and essential to Sales Development Managers tasked with reporting on team productivity, forecasting future pipeline, and setting their company’s outbound sales strategy.

To help SDR managers configure useful reports, Daniel Barber, Bryan Gonzalez, Richard Harris, Chris Flores, and Michael Farrington, joined forces in a webinar on Salesforce Dashboards Best Practices.

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The Deadly Mistake That Kills Too Many Startups

Growing a business is hard. Dealing with this makes it even harder.

A lot of people want to know the “secret” to growing their business.

They want “the one thing” that’s going to take them from where they are to where they dream of being.

By now, anyone who reads this blog—or any of the countless amazing entrepreneurship resources on the web—knows that there is no such magic bullet.

That the fundamental keys to success are simple but hard:

  1. Make something that people badly need or want.
  2. Make it easy for people to make the decision to buy from you.
  3. Treat your customers really, really well.
  4. Don’t screw it all up along the way.

With enough persistence, struggle and learning, the first two eventually begin to take care of themselves.

But that third one—trying not to completely go off of the rails—is a tall order that has killed more than

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3 Questions for Startups to Answer for Themselves in a Volatile Fundraising Environment

65% of entrepreneurs believe that fundraising in 2016 will be more difficult than in 2015, according to First Round’s survey. The volatility in the stock market, the steady erosion of public multiples, and the broad decline of seed, venture and growth investment in Q4 2015 seem to portend a repricing of the startup market. In light of those changing circumstances, entrepreneurs should prepare a few different analyses for 2016.

First, the company should list the milestones they would like to achieve before raising the next round and a financial model that projects the capital requirements to attain those milestones. The SaaS fundraising market has become relatively efficient and good initial targets for raising Series A and Series B are roughly $100k and $250k in MRR, plus or minus $50k in MRR.

Next, the company should develop a cash flow forecast to answer the question, Can the startup achieve those Continue reading "3 Questions for Startups to Answer for Themselves in a Volatile Fundraising Environment"

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Storm Ventures Launches $10M Fund For Indian SaaS Startups

shutterstock india Earlier this week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced a set of initiatives, called Startup India, designed to help the country’s fledgling tech companies and their investors. One of the first Silicon Valley venture capital firms to take advantage of Startup India is Storm Ventures, which just launched a new fund for SaaS startups in India. Read More

When Data Confounds Our Intuition

Suppose you’ve been selected to participate in a game show. The game show host asks you to pick one of three doors. Behind one, the grand prize awaits. Behind the other two are goats. You choose Door 1. Then the hosts opens Door 3, revealing a goat. The host prompts you again, “Would you like to select Door 2?” Should you choose it?

This statistics question rose to fame in 1990 when Marilyn Vos Savant asked it in Parade Magazine. In the weeks that followed, Vos Savant received more than 10,000 letters pronouncing her wrong. One thousand of these letters had been penned by PhDs, and many bore the insignia of prestigious universities.

A professor of mathematics at Georgetown University wrote to Vos Savant, ”You are utterly incorrect. How many irate mathematicians are needed to get you to change your mind?” Another from George Mason University piled on, Continue reading "When Data Confounds Our Intuition"