SaaStr Podcast #162: Olof Mathé, Founder & CEO @ Mixmax Shares How To Achieve True Virality in SaaS with $0 CAC

Welcome to Episode 162! Olof Mathé is the Founder & CEO @ Mixmax, the startup that allows you to be a sales pro, providing powerful analytics, automation and enhancements for your outbound communication and a product that has achieved almost the impossible in SaaS, true viral growth and a $0 CAC. As for Olof, prior to Mixmax he led the team that built Inkling Habitat, now adopted by the world’s largest publishers and before that he was an entrepreneur and worked at Skype and McKinsey. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

SaaStr Annual 2018: Live Blog, Wrap Up!

Post written by guest blogger Alli McKee. 

This year’s SaaStr made it clear: there is more growth – and competition – than ever. This doesn’t come as a surprise, of course. But it is one thing to read about it, and another to experience it live in the crowded halls of the Hilton.

Walking through the Expo Hall offered an opportunity to learn from the best companies out there, but it also gave a visceral sense of the information overload your buyers face every day in their inboxes. In 2018, how can we separate signal from the noise?


What it takes to become a SaaS Unicorn in 2018

From conversations and sessions at SaaStr, it became clear that many of us are struggling to solve the same problems. Customers want more, faster, and it’s harder to reach them and harder to stand out once you do. But over

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SaaStr Annual 2018: Live Blog —The Importance of Product, Culture and Diversity

Post written by guest blogger Drew Beechler.  2018 marks my third SaaStr Annual conference, and the content and conference keeps getting better! Sitting through the sessions this year, there was a great deal to learn from companies of all sizes and backgrounds presenting, attending, and sponsoring. Below are a few of my key takeaways from the conference this year.
  1. Culture Is a Product You Build
Dharmesh Shah, CTO and Co-founder at HubSpot, and Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot, sat down in a fireside chat with Jason Lemkin on Tuesday to talk about how they built the HubSpot culture. The conversation was one of the most candid and insightful conversations of the week. Dharmesh and Katie noted that you have to think about your culture as you would a product. “Culture is a product you build. And your people are its customers.” Culture is to recruiting as
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SaaStr Annual 2018: Live Blog, Day 2 — 48 hours of Coffee and Handshakes!

Post written by guest blogger Meena Sandhu. Why are you at SaaStr? Why am I at SaaStr? Why does this community congregate and grow year over year? Is it the content? The networking? The answer seems simple: we’re all here because there’s nowhere else that we can have access to all these SaaS success stories, the rising stars, and SaaS unicorns under one roof. But there’s something more, we keep coming back because of the incredible value of connecting with like-minded people. At SaaStr Annual, the community feels more approachable and more accessible. This like-minded tribe of 10,000 plus attendees lets it’s guard down and evokes open conversation and knowledge sharing. Jason Lemkin has built THE gathering for his SaaS tribe. It’s busier than ever, more international than ever, and faster paced than ever. Those that are attending for the first time are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is
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SaaStr Annual 2018: Live Blog, 3 Takeaways From Day One

Post written by guest blogger Chris Cooper. As with any conference the size of SaaStr, you must make some important choices. Do you pack your schedule, filling every possible time slot? Or, should you cooly hang by the bar and network? Which session do you attend when two good sessions are happening at the same time? Do you really need that 10th t-shirt? And, of course, should you skip the afternoon to take a nap before the drinking and parties begin? No matter what choices you made, day one was jam-packed with amazing sessions and incredible insights. At the risk of flaming out on day one, I filled my schedule, hitting up a good mix of sales, marketing, and content sessions from early morning to sundown. Here are my biggest takeaways from the day: Stop Listening to Conventional Wisdom Quarterly sales quotas? Dumb. Set the bar higher and do them
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SaaStr Annual: Live Blog, Day One Kickoff!

Post written by guest blogger, Jen Igartua. 

A commitment to diversity, kickass content and… dogs. 

Last year, I attended SaaStr Annual for the first time. As a partner of a SaaS consultancy, the existence an event solely targeted to SaaS companies immediately drew me in. is what made me come in the first place. But what left a lasting impression in my mind about the conference was how inspired and re-energized I felt to take my own business to the next level. 
So this year we decided to become a sponsor, our first time sponsoring a conference, which was a big deal for us. So with some jet lag (the good kind that gets you up in the morning straight from Brooklyn) and a cup of coffee, I was ready to kick off SaaStr Annual!

Diversity and inclusion is on us

5 Ways to Create More Meaningful Connections at SaaStr Annual 2018

Post written by Plato HQ.  The excitement is palpable—in just a few short days, thousands of founders, executives, and VCs will be gathering in San Francisco to share their stories, exchange ideas, and meet like-minded folks at the SaaStr Annual event from February 6–8. But if you’ve attended this event (or one like it) in the past, you know that making meaningful connections can be tricky. Sure, you might strike up a conversation with the person next to you in a session or at your lunch table, but it can be difficult to get into a deep conversation when you’re squeezing everything into a minute or two. So we thought, why leave it up to chance? We’ve put together a few tips to help you strategize your SaaStr Annual experience this year so you can build more meaningful connections.

1. Make time to go on a “Braindate”

Join one
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