Three Metrics to Measure Sales and Marketing Alignment & Improve Organizational Transparency

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Forbes here. Getting sales and marketing to effectively team is the lament of just about every CEO. Achieving alignment goes beyond just getting these two groups to get along; growth depends on them working productively together. If sales and marketing are at odds it impacts the whole business, most notably revenue, customer satisfaction and company productivity. Add to that the reality that discord between these two groups damages the company’s culture, it’s easy to see why alignment is on the top of every CEO’s agenda. But why is alignment such a persistent challenge? Part of the reason lies with the CEO. While they are experts in measuring the effectiveness of sales, these same leaders are at a disadvantage with it comes to evaluating alignment. Most are unclear as to what the right questions are to ask in order to understand how well
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10 Ways to Stop B2B Churn

Customer loyalty is critical for any business. Loyal B2B customers are made; they don’t just happen. Yet, between vendors and customers there is a disconnect around what drives loyalty. To many vendors it comes from using the product, it remains installed and renewals paid. To the customer, it means products perform as advertised, additional value in the form of information, expected experiences and access is received over the lifecycle. Just because a product isn’t tossed out doesn’t mean a customer is loyal. The size of the investment, extent of process changes made to integrate the product, and/or the hassle factor in switching out are hurdles that deter customers from hastily churning. They refer to it as being “stuck” or “hostage”. Value is in the eye of the beholder. It is multi-dimensional and contextual. Customers perceive value as realized over time and cumulative. It’s the summation of the pluses and minuses
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How to Overcome Customer Experience Blindspots

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on the Martech Advisors blog here. The basis of competition today isn’t about your products or competitors. It’s about how well you fully meet customer expectations, across all channels. That’s it. Pretty simple. Actually it’s always been that way but we got sidetracked decades ago with feature-binging, sexed up product advertising, and mass product variations all in the name of customer choice. When the concept of customer experience came on the scene years ago, the discussion started around how to get back to what customers want – a trusted, meaningful relationship without all the bluster and hype. It was about a need to align strategy, people, process and technology outward to enable meeting customer expectations. But that discussion got hijacked into a tactical one about how technology can automate the journeys brands want customers to take in order to drive more sales. Today, the
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Lessons Serial CEOs Wish They Knew When They Started

Editor’s Note: This article was first published to CustomerThink here. Dr. James Canton, a futurist, stresses that companies must continually change to survive. “Uber-connectivity, high velocity, real time transactions, IoT and data overwhelm the average company struggling with fragmented technology, data and asynchronous transactions,” Canton recently shared with me. Most leaders, of any generation, are ill-equipped to deal with the multitude of challenges in front of them. There is a handful of successful CEOs that have figured it out and know how to blend intuition with technology and when to abandon traditional practices. I asked Sandra Kurtzig, former CEO of Kenandy, a SaaS ERP solution; Keith Krach, Chairman and former CEO of DocuSign, a digital transaction management vendor; Andres Reiner, CEO of PROS, big data software; and Sid Banerjee, Chief Strategy Officer and former CEO of Clarabridge, customer experience software, to share the
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