Going Global: When do you create a local marketing presence?

Editor’s Note: This post is part two of a three part series covering global marketing expansion. You can read the first article in this series here. In part 1 of this series we discussed the benefits of centralized marketing and the reach that centralized teams can have on a global basis. In this article, we’ll discuss the tipping point for going global. Despite the effectiveness of a centralized team, at some point going local makes sense. The term “going local” is really the key term. If you are operating correctly, your company already has a strong global footprint, most likely in English, and most likely in American English. The key is to decide when to segment your marketing efforts and “go local” to serve markets that are under-represented in your revenue mix. This terminology nuance is important to note especially when dealing with internal stakeholders. Many sales organizations will not realize
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Going Global: The Push for Global Marketing Resources

Editor’s Note: This post is part one of a three part series covering global marketing expansion. As a company grows, most marketing teams expand from a centralized corporate office to placing marketers in country or at least on different continents to support growing sales organizations. The timing, goals, and implementation of this program is critical for success. In this series, we’ll examine the pressures on marketing leadership to “go global”, the key tipping points to make the shift, and some ideas on how to be successful with this move.

Global Marketing from a Central Location

The reality is that for most high velocity, inbound sales models, marketing teams are already going global from day one. While search engine marketing, advertising and email open rates can show some differences based on time zones, a highly functioning marketing team can make significant progress in global marketing from a central location. English reach
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