Three Strategies to Millennial-Proof Your Marketing in 2018

This post is by Aaron Dun from Openview Labs

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It’s hard to spend more than 5 minutes on the internet today without stumbling across some Millennial-related content. From killing paper napkins to brunch, we often find ourselves paying lip service to this generation’s preferences. And there’s good reason: from being raised in a digital age to shifting economic pressures, Millennial buying habits are undeniably different from other generations. role of millennials But those differences don’t end in B2C territory. According to research we did with Heinz Marketing that surveyed over 500 professionals with buying authority, over 40% of Millennials now influence or make B2B buying decisions. But they run the show differently. Millennials have distinct buying preferences that have dramatically changed the B2B buyer journey. And their growing numbers and influence mean B2B marketers can’t just assume Millennials are just a B2C concern – we can’t afford to ignore this cohort of buyers any longer. Lean into what makes Millennial buyers
researching solutions
community values
when do millennials engage
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