Is there anything wrong with starting a tech startup that is a “land grab” or isn’t exactly defensible?

Maybe not. Many VCs for example are totally OK with “land grabs”. My view is what isn’t defensible today, is sometimes defensible tomorrow:
  • Can you build the dominant brand? Brands are defensible.
  • Can your little hack today evolve into a very sophisticated, enterprise-grade product? Big Companies will pay up for the “most enterprise” player in the space.
  • Is your engineering team amazing? Then they can keep ahead of other teams.
So sure anything 2–3 good developers can build, another 2–3 good developers can also build. And markets have their moments. You have to seize those moments in transition. But the best brands, with the best teams, and the best functionality = defensibility. At least in B2B/SaaS. View original question on quora

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