Should Customer Success Managers carry Quota ?

Should Customer Success Managers carry quota

As companies continue to figure out the true role of a Customer Success Manager(CSM), various aspects of the job keeping coming up for debate. As such the Customer Success Manager job is an overarching role that touches various functions such as sales, on-boarding, implementation, training, support, product while continuing to be the single point of contact with the customer.

One such responsibility that gets debated repeatedly in the many discussions I have had with SaaS company leaders is – should CSMs carry a quota? Should they be responsible for up-selling, renewals ?

To set some context and understand how companies have attempted to fulfill the need for Customer Success function will yield the following

  • Large majority of companies have converted their Account Management team to Customer Success Team
  • A smaller minority have all but renamed their support representatives as Customer Success Managers while continuing to expect them to manage their help desk function.
  • Another slice of companies the Customer Success
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