Early Adopters and the value they bring to your product

Early Adopters are like Gold Dust
All products need validation before they are built to ascertain the real problem they solve. They need early supporters/evangelists, after they are built, to prove their worth in the marketplace and to cross the proverbial chasm.

Getting people to try your product is tough but let us assume you were lucky and found some early adopters through some hustle and/or network. How should you engage with them? How do you deliver value to them in return for taking the risk on you ?

Early adopters are like gold dust. It is paramount that you treat these early customers as special in return for them risking their money, time and decision equity within their company. Your future strategy for customer acquisition, customer engagement, pricing and marketing will depend a lot on how successful your early adopters were.

However, before you engage with them, it might be prudent for you to put a process in place to manage that relationship, and maximize

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