Have you mapped your Customer Success Journey yet?

Customer Success Journey

We have all heard and know about Buyer’s Journey. The process they go through from the time a technology need arises, all the way through the decision process, involving inputs from all the stakeholders, till they make  a purchase. While that journey has been analyzed and optimized and then some,  I don’t think SaaS companies have paid a lot of attention to the journey a customer goes through post-purchase till they realize the value from the product. Consequently, the widespread lack of customer satisfaction in large majority of enterprise software customers.

P.S. In this post, when we refer to Customer Journey, Purchase process etc, we do that in the context of Software-as-a-Service. While there might be a slight difference in the way other industries manage customer success, the core principles remain the same.

By itself, Customer Success is not a new concept. The term “Customer Success” might be new but Industries like Telecom,

Customer Contract
Ongoing Engagement
Renewal, Upsell
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