Prioritizing Product Requirements using T

Product Management teams have always had to deal with competing priorities when it came to defining the roadmap and what goes into it. A product roadmap is fluid and evolves as the customer base expands or based on larger market demands. It is easy to get into a product features’ arm race with the competition in an effort to check all the boxes.

Requirements come in all shapes and forms. They could be Executive whim, one-upmanship with the competition and if nothing else there is always the Gartner “magic” quadrant that compels teams to build things that in hindsight would look stupid.

With all the barrage of requests for new features/enhancements, how does a Product Manager prioritize?  The budget implications and schedules of people come later. First thing that has to be decided is what makes it to the train. We have all had this quandary. Back when we were

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