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  • VMware KB: Installing or upgrading View Composer fails with error: The wizard was interrupted before VMware View Composer could be completely installed
    To resolve this issue, log in to the server with the account that was used to install vCenter Server and rerun the View Composer installer. This issue occurs if the user account that is used to install View Composer is not the same as the account used to install vCenter Server and the user account does not have sufficient permissions to modify the MachineKeys directory. You can find the account used to install vCenter Server by checking the permissions on the C:UsersAll UsersMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeys folder:
  • Office of the CTO | Project Serengeti: There's a Virtual Elephant in my Datacenter
    VMware is introducing several new initiatives in the open source Hadoop community to enable big data applications to be deployed more easily, rapidly and in a more agile manner.
  • Data

    With the above four variables and the Data Mass and Application Mass, we can now calculate Data Gravity: Data Gravity Force equals the product of Data Mass multiplied by Application Mass then multiplied by the Number of Requests per Second this result is then divided by the square of the Network Latency added to the quotient of the Average Size of Requests divided by the Network Bandwidth

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