Lesson’s from HubSpot: How to Overhaul Pricing in 3 Steps

Editor’s Note: The following article is based on a recent episode of OpenView’s BUILD podcast. You can listen to the full episode featuring Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot here. Pricing. For expansion-stage companies, it’s an important (and often ubiquitous) topic of conversation. While most company leaders recognize that there’s an ongoing opportunity to improve pricing structure in response to market changes and other factors, the actual process of updating pricing can induce deep anxiety in even the most stalwart of CEOs. Change is hard, even when it’s for the best. And changes in pricing might upset current customers or reduce your win rate with future customers. There’s a lot at stake. Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at Hubspot, has successfully run the pricing gauntlet twice in recent years as the inbound marketing giant implemented two major pricing initiatives. Many of the lessons Brad ultimately learned from going
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Why Fast Learning Curves are So Important to Startups

Startups are business machines engineered to grow quickly. The forces of hypergrowth exert enormous strain on every aspect of the company. Internal break all the time as the company moults into a new skin. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when hiring. Every lead hired today, whether marketing , sales, engineering or product, will have a very different job nine months from now, much less two years from now. Imagine you work at a startup that is growing headcount 125% year over year. It’s 25 people going to 56 going to 126. You hire a head of engineering. The engineering team is 17 people. The org chart will look like this: one engineering lead with 17 engineers reporting to them. 17 direct reports is unsustainable. It’s at least one full working day of 1/1s. Plus, the engineering lead must double the size of the
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How to Invest in Customer Marketing: The 10+10 Framework

I want to spend a lot of time in the coming year on SaaStr on Customer Marketing.  While the concept may sound old hat to those that have been in the software business for a long time, in SaaS in particular, very little tools, processes, and software are applied to marketing to customers after they are closed. Over the last 5 years, we’ve all started to turn Customer Success into a science and a key discipline in SaaS.  But Customer Success in many ways has been defined as an extension of Sales.  Sales closes, and hands off to CS.  While that’s chronologically accurate in most cases, really CS’s cousin should be Customer Marketing.  If you do it right, you can keep your customers for 10+ years.  Or even longer.  And like retention, a marketing journey should also begin again once a customer closes. Customer Continue reading "How to Invest in Customer Marketing: The 10+10 Framework"

SaaStr Podcast #188: Fouad ElNaggarm Founder & CEO @ Sapho Shares The Benefits of Being Old In SaaS

Welcome to Episode 188! Fouad ElNaggar is the Founder & CEO @ Sapho, the only employee experience portal designed for the digital workforce. To date, Ray has raised over $27m in funding with Sapho from some real favorites of ours including Ray @ Caffeinated, Felicis, Uncork, Bloomberg Beta, Clark Landry and Howard Lindzon @ Social Leverage, just to name a few. Prior to founding Sapho, Fouad was the Chief Strategy Officer at CBS Interactive overseeing strategy, operations, partnerships, and M&A. At CBSi, Fouad structured deals with partners such as Yahoo, IAC, and Twitch and acquired premium brands such as TV Guide and Giant Bomb. Prior to CBSi, Fouad was a VC at Redpoint Ventures overseeing the firm’s LA office and helping establish a dedicated fund in Brazil. Fouad has previously founded three venture-backed companies – Marketing Technology Solutions (acquired), Liquid Light (acquired), and Hark. In Today’s Episode You Will Continue reading "SaaStr Podcast #188: Fouad ElNaggarm Founder & CEO @ Sapho Shares The Benefits of Being Old In SaaS"

The Secret Behind Drift’s Viral Marketing Success

Editor’s Note: The following is a transcript of Casey and Dave’s conversation. It has been edited and condensed for clarity. Casey: Hey, guys. I’m here with Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift. Dave: Number one: you lost your phone. Number two: I’m carrying your backpack. Casey: So, that would actually make me the queen. Dave: At least they put the King’s crown on me. Casey: The king’s crown. So, yes. So, because I like to think I know people pretty well, I’m assuming everyone’s wondering why I’m wearing a crown, and why I’m making Dave wear the crown. Dave: Okay. Casey: And so, if you don’t know Dave, you probably are not on any form of social media whatsoever. He’s basically become, or, you are the king of video marketing. Dave: See? Normally I would be humbled and be like, “Oh, no.” But, you know what? I got
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5 Ways to Keep Up with Data-Driven Sales

Every new year brings with it trendy buzzwords related to sales – (like freemium), but one word has show up time and time again: data. With phrases like data analytics, sales data, big data and data sets, the collection of information is driving everything from sales coaching and productivity to predictivity technologies and marketing campaigns. No matter how big your business, if you’re not using data analytics to drive your sales, you’re going to fall behind your competition. Old-school data collection was one dimensional. Knowing how long it took to close a deal after initial contact with the lead was helpful, but not necessarily full of deep insights into the sales process. Today’s big data is so rich with information that it touches every corner of sales – even before a prospect enters the picture! If you’re eager to dig into data-driven sales but feel overwhelmed by the many
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Lessons Redefining a Really Big Category with Coupa (Annual Video + Transcript)

Earlier this year at the 2018 Annual, Coupa Software CEO Rob Bernshteyn sat down with our very own Jason Lemkin to chat about what he’s learned while redefining a big category. To get the full scoop on his observations, insights, and learnings, check out the full session video and transcript below! And in case you haven’t heard, we’re building a completely immersive experience in San Jose for SaaStr Annual 2019! With 3 full days of sessions, featuring over 300 speakers from the best SaaS companies around the world, SaaStr Annual will be filled with actionable thought leadership to help grow your business. Get your tickets to the SaaS show everyone will be talking about! Transcript: Announcer: Please welcome Rob Bernshteyn, Chief Executive Officer and Coupa Value Orchestrator of Coupa Software and Jason Lemkin, founder of SaaStr. Jason Lemkin: Did everyone get lunch? Rob, thanks for joining us. This Continue reading "Lessons Redefining a Really Big Category with Coupa (Annual Video + Transcript)"

4 Years Ago This Week We Decided to Launch the SaaStr Annual. What We’ve Learned.

As we gear up for the 5th SaaStr Annual, with an expected 12,000+ attendees, 100+ top tier sponsors, and 3+ days of content across 5+1 stages (phew!), I was looking back for our team meeting and trying to assemble what we’ve learned, and found this first tweet from almost exactly 4 years ago: Waaay back in 2014, the type of content at SaaStr.com, on Quora, and at our events was still novel.  Fast forward to day, and there is an amazing amount of B2B-centric content out there, and many others have put together amazing events around the hard-learned lessons of scaling revenue and scaling SaaS companies.  But all this was pretty novel back in 2014.  No one in the “next generation” had IPO’d yet (Aaron Levie came to the first SaaStr Annual a little more than a week after Box’s IPO), Unicorn rounds were
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HubSpot’s Journey from MQLs to PQLs [Podcast]

Kieran Flanagan, HubSpot’s VP of Marketing, is no stranger to driving growth through product. In this episode of BUILD, hear how and why the business transitioned from filling a funnel with marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to product qualified leads (PQLs) and how that change positively impacted the billion dollar company. Prefer to listen on iTunes? Click here.
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